Weave Yield Farming Strategy Builder Tutorial – Enhance, Optimize & Automate Your Crypto Yield

In this short tutorial video, Jonathan creates yield farming strategies in seconds, using the powerful DeFi tools provided by Weave. Try our strategy builder yourself at https://weave.financial/

Weave protocol is a very powerful dApp that allows users to build yield farming strategies and manage their crypto yield like never before. Enhance, optimize and automate your yield like never before to earn yield on various chains and protocols.

We’re currently live on BNB Chain, Fantom chain and Polygon chain. We will be integrating with as many protocols as possible, and currently working with pancakswap, babyswap, knightswap, spookyswap, spiritswap, apeswap and more. We also have not just liquidity pool yield farming but single staking and will soon have lending/borrowing protocols, insurance, and bridging capabilities to allow people to build strategies across multiple chains. You can connect to Weave with Metamask and Onto wallet, but you soon be able to connect to platform with many more wallets.

Weave is one of the most powerful tools in DeFi. We won’t stop building and improving our platform until we have the best range of liquidity pools available anywhere, and also always strive to provide the best yield generating and automation possible. We’re excited to see how people use our tools and what amazing ideas our community have for generating and boosting yield.

Don’t forget that the earnings potential goes far beyond simply earning yield. Sharing strategies with the community also means you can earn up to HALF of platform fees, so be creative and engage with the community to find out where the demand is. We also have a referral program, so sharing your personal referral link could also earn you a passive income simply by talking about us.

An important thing to keep in mind with Weave platform is that our strategy builder does not create vaults or pools. By deploying a strategy, you are essentially deploying your own customized smart contract! This makes it far more secure and means that can also make small improvements and fine-tune your strategies even after launch.