Bringing DeFi To The Masses

Weave is a DeFi protocol that offers unprecedented levels of customization for yield farming. Automate, Optimize, and Enhance your yield like never before!

The Weave dApp has a huge range of liquidity pools, staking vaults, and lending/borrowing options, offering auto-compounding to generate some of the highest yield farming returns you’ll find anywhere.

Our Tailored Solutions service offers protocols the opportunity to embed our powerful tools directly into their own platform to enhance farming for their users.

Earn our native Weave token simply by using our platform, and stake it for exponential growth.

Strategy Builder V2 Coming Soon... .......

What Is Weave?

Weave is a next generation yield farming platform. Our strategy builder will allow yield farmers to build their own custom strategies for their favorite pairs (even cross-chain strategies as part of phase 2) and set the yield to be harvested/compounded EXACTLY as they want it.

They may choose to compound only 50% of yield and withdraw 50% for example, or even take the yield in other crypto-assets they’re bullish on.

Our drag and drop interface will make building strategies easy and even fun!

We’re delivering an incredibly powerful set of DeFi tools unlike anything else that exists currently.


Second place in "Disruptive DeFi" category in the BNB Revelation Hackathon for community vote, and 3rd place for judges vote (out of 43 projects).

Weave Passive

For absolute beginners or those that simply want to profit from DeFi without building and managing their own strategies, our Weave Passive platform offers a “copy farming” feature that is extremely easy to use. Simply find the Pro users you like the look of and copy their strategy in your own wallet. Even if you haven’t purchased cryptocurrency before, we’ll guide you through the process and have you earning yield in no time!

Weave Pro

Pro Weavers will not only offer the opportunity to farm in a safe environment, they can also share their strategy with the Passive users and earn up to 50% of the net fees charged on those vaults.

Our dApp has some of the lowest fees around, and with yields being auto-compounded you’ll find some of the highest APY’s on our platform.


Weave Ecosystem

Our Vision

Yield Farming is a rapidly growing sector offering the potential for very high returns. But currently farming is time-consuming and highly inefficient. Our aim is to offer tools to automate, enhance and optimize farming. We deliver this not only on our own dApp but also directly through partner protocols, making us one of the most exciting cross-platform protocols in DeFi.

  • Fund Your Wallet

    Simply buy your first crypto from an exchange or send your already purchased crypto to your metamask wallet.

  • Connect Your Wallet

    Connect your Metamask Wallet to the Weave dApp.

  • Copy Your Favourite Strategies

    Easily browse and find the Weave strategies you like best and copy them for completely passive returns. You'll also earn Weave tokens simply for using our platform.

  • Auto-Stake Weave Tokens

    You're all set! But as you earn Weave tokens you can auto-stake them to benefit from our "5 ways to earn" simply by staking the token.

Meet The Team



Andreas has over 15 years experience as a full stack developer and 6+ years experience as a blockchain dev.

He has extensive expertise in programming for high-profile clients such as DHL, banking, and insurance companies, with a focus on both security and usability.

After launching several successful tech startups he dipped his feet into the crypto world in 2017.

Realizing the opportunities the crypto space has to offer he invested more and more time into it learning how to code smart contracts, progressing to building his own bots and decentralised apps.

He was also a core contributor at $3bn+ TVL
DeFi protocol prior to launching Weave.



Stephen is a former Rolls-Royce engineer who worked with stakeholders from around the world.

He started his Web3 journey by becoming a core contributor and community strategy specialist at a $3bn+ TVL DeFi protocol.

He has since developed an incredibly strong network within many Web3 ecosystems. He has also been a regular contributor elsewhere in the space, holding strategic advisory positions for several Web3 projects and DAOs.

Stephen seeks to push the boundaries within the DeFi space, making it accessible and sustainable for all.



Jonathan spent almost a decade working in wealth management and offshore banking before switching careers in 2011 and launching his own digital marketing agency.

Since then he has used his marketing and entrepreneurial skills to launch several successful startups in real estate, retail, marketing, and finance.

In 2019, he launched his own investments blog and Youtube channel. Since then he has become a passionate crypto enthusiast and built up a large following.


Vice President Of Support and Technology

Chris has extensive experience in Information Technology, specifically with building and supporting large scale, enterprise infrastructures. For the past 10 years he has overseen the Infrastructure and Security teams for a large, global organization. He has a passion for financial markets, mainly focusing on technical analysis, social sentiment, and how these things influence price action. This passion quickly moved to the crypto markets where Chris has been invested since 2017, while strictly focusing on DeFi since the start of 2021.


Community Manager

Sara has been involved in crypto since 2012, starting as a miner, then an investor and quickly became a crypto enthusiast. She is part of a few projects as a moderator and also a community manager. She also has her own group, where she strives to help people stay safe and thrive in the crypto space, where there are a large number of scams.


Full Stack Developer

Samuel is a Full Stack Developer with 6 years coding experience. He has previously built web apps for CRM, SPA, and SaaS platforms, but has spent recent years focused on crypto protocols. He has over 3 years of experience working with solidity and web3.js and has a deep understanding of blockchain protocols in DeFi, decentralised exchanges and more.


Business Development & Social Media Manager

Kip is DeFi content creator and humble yield farmer! He’s proud to be in Team Weave contributing to Business Development and Social Media Growth.

Formerly an Exercise Physiologist, Kip fell in love with DeFi when he discovered the Fantom community, and has been passionately following and promoting their ecosystem ever since.


Vice President Of Operations

After 13 years of working in the import and export industry, learning operations, business management, and sales development skills, Harry decided to learn something new and came across the Crypto / DEFI sector in late 2021. A passionate Weaver, Harry gets a real buzz from supporting and helping people in the community who are new to crypto, and is always keen to learn new things.


Back-End Developer

Gabi is a crypto enthusiast who recently switched from web development where he was working mostly with Java , Javascript and GraphQL, to blockchain development (solidity), learning as much as he can about smart contracts. He is excited by both the challenges and opportunities that blockchain technology offers, both as a developer and for his own personal investments.

$Weave Token

The $Weave token is our native bep20 crypto asset, currently available to buy on Pancakeswap here. Use case is hugely important to us, and as per our whitepaper, these include;

  • Governance – staking/LP providers can vote on strategic decisions
  • Reducing platform fees – a sliding scale of fees based on the amount staked
  • Awarded to users for using the dApp and for staking/LP of the $Weave token
  • Staking/LP providers receive a share of platform fees
  • Staking/LP providers receive % of all $Weave token sales
  • Pro Users pay $Weave tokens in order to share their strategies.
  • Auto-compounding $Weave feature costs 1 token per transaction
  • Referral/Affiliate program requires staking or LP to unlock higher earning levels
  • Staking/LP $Weave will soon unlock additional platform features & tools

We also have additional use cases coming soon. Be sure to check out our staking and LP rewards, including a convenient auto-compound feature, ideal for those that want to “set and forget” their Weave tokens whilst maximizing their returns!

See our contract audit at 

Connect With Us

Subscribe to the our social media channels to hear about Weave updates and events.

Weave Academy

If you’re completely new to yield farming (perhaps you’re even new to cryptocurrency in general) then access our Learning Zone for explainer videos that will take you from absolute zero knowledge to being a crypto master in no time!

Our Roadmap

Roadmap will continuously change as we deliver and expand on our vision. For regular updates and news, join our Discord community today!


  • Concept design
  • Social media launch
  • Building community knowledge and awareness
  • Series A Funding
  • Recruting developers


  • Weave Pro Closed Beta test
  • Integrating BNB Protocols 
  • Weave token liquidity opportunities
  • Beta Weave Passive
  • Strategic partnership campaign
  • Weave token rewards launched for users


  • Weave Staking Launch
  • Strategy Builder Open Beta
  • WeaveSwap Launch and integration into Strategy Builder
  • Weave Strategy Builder Contract Audit
  • Tailored Solutions by Weave Launch
  • Lending and Borrowing Integration into Weave Hub
  • Strategy Builder
    Weave Passive Full Launch
  • Weave Referral Program Launch
    Governance voting commences
  • Launch "Weave As A BizOp" campaign
    Series B Funding Round


  • Weave Strategy Insurance
  • Launch Governance Voting
  • Cross-chain Strategy Building
  • Weave Onramp Integration
    Weave Strategy Builder Quarterly Audit for new features
  • Launch on new EVM-compatible chain(s)
  • Weave Power (voting for bonus tokens)
  • Influencer Campaigns


  • Exlpore new features for Tailored Solutiions partners
  • Weave Offramp Integration
  • Weave Strategy Builder Quarterly Audit for new features
  • Launch on new EVM-compatible chain(s)
    HODL portfolios


  • Explore ways to integrate CeFi
  • Weave Offramp Integration
  • Weave Strategy Builder Quarterly Audit for new features
  • Launch on new EVM-compatible chain(s)
  • HODL portfolios
  • Exploring new service opportunities
  • CeFi Growth plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Weave?

Weave is a decentralized app (dApp) that provides yield farming opportunities from liquidity pools and staking. Unlike other yield farming protocols, Weave allows users to build their own custom strategies using our proprietary drag and drop tool. This tool creates a personal smart contract for each user, putting them in complete control.

What Makes Weave Different?

We're creating a community that welcomes both experienced yield farmers and complete newbies all in the same place. 

Experienced yield farmers will find the most powerful yield farming tool kit anywhere profitable, giving them complete control of their strategy. They can even earn a share in platform fees by sharing their strategies with other users!

Beginners will be able to earn their first ever rewards from yield farming with just a few clicks of the mouse by copying the strategies of Pro users. Weave Academy is also available to help absolute beginners learn more about crypto and understand the many benefits (and risks) of DeFi. 

How Do I Get Started?

You need a metamask wallet in order to connect to our dApp. If you already have metamask then click here.

If not, then simply watch our informative videos on how to get started here.

Is Yield Farming Risky?

Yes, yield farming carries a high degree of risk. We've tried to indicate strategies that are especially high risk. If the returns seem extremely high then the chances are that the token in the vault is very volatile and may not survive, resulting in loss of capital. 

Risks can be mitigated substantially by choosing the right tokens or copying Pro users with a lower risk appetite.

Is My Money Safe With Weave?

Unlike many other yield farming platforms, you can create your own smart contract for earning yield, meaning you are not depositing funds with us. Our contracts are safe and audited meaning you can use our dApp with confidence.

However, crypto yield farming does carry risks and we encourage you to learn more about the risks in our Weave Academy. 

Where Can I Go For Help & Support?

The best place for help and support is our discord community. You can also join us on your preferred social media channel;