Weave – Infinite Possibilities

We believe that Weave is one of the best DeFi (yield farming) platforms of 2022. We’re only just building up to launch, but hopefully, this video will give you some idea of the scope of our vision and the powerful tools that our platform will deliver.

Here is the transcript from the video;

Hi, and Welcome to WEAVE!
Weave is a next-generation Yield Farming platform, delivering some of the most powerful DeFi tools available anywhere.
Our protocol is built on a strategy builder that can create yield farming strategies customized to function in any way you choose. With Weave, you’re not investing in pools or vaults created by our platform, you’re building a smart contract to yield farm EXACTLY the way you want to.
For the first time ever, you can create smart contracts for yield farming simply by dragging and dropping different elements from our strategy builder, with zero coding experience needed.
With thousands of currency pairs available and practically unlimited ways to take and compound yield, our strategy builder has infinite possibilities.
Let’s look at some examples of what can be achieved with our strategy builder….
Firstly, let’s say you want to yield farm on a pair such as Cake/BNB but you want to compound part of the gains and take the rest as regular profits. Easy! You can determine a % of yield to put back into the pool to be compounded and set the remaining to be paid out in profit. For example, you could compound 50% and take 50% as regular profit. You don’t even need to take the yield in the pair that you’re in! You could decide that the profits you take you don’t want in either Cake OR BNB, so how about taking them in BUSD instead, or maybe even in $Weave tokens? All of this is possible with our strategy builder!
Now let’s look at another example. Let’s say you have a nest egg of funds that you don’t want to take volatility risk with, so you’ve been keeping them in stable coins, but you still want to make some yield from them. Generating yield from stable coins is nothing new, but with Weave, you have much more control over how you USE the yields you generate. So, you might decide that while you want to keep your nest egg in stable coins, you are happy to take a higher degree of risk with the yield. Therefore, you build a strategy that earns yield on the stable coins but uses that yield to buy some of that exciting new project you heard about that you think has HUGE growth potential! You can even have the yield split several ways so that you create a portfolio of these higher-risk coins and grow your portfolio over time on complete autopilot.

As a third example, let’s say you wanted to create a strategy with more than one single staking or liquidity pool pair in it. Not a problem. You can build up a portfolio of your favorite yield generating assets within one strategy, and again, take the yield in whatever you like.
This type of strategy builder is not just unique in crypto, as far as we know it’s completely unique in the entire financial sector.
The ability to build your own smart contracts has the added benefit that you’re not putting your funds into pools or vaults that are owned and controlled by Weave. The contract it creates is your own, so you maintain complete control.
Our aim is to have the widest choice of single staking and liquidity pool options available anywhere, even being able to pair currencies cross-chain as part of our phase 2 plans!

Sounds impressive right? But wait, there’s more!….

Our platform is not just for those that are experienced in DeFi and yield farming. Our copy-farming feature means that even absolute beginners can earn yield simply by copying the strategies of their favorite Weaver.
Pro users that share their strategies can even earn a portion of platform fees simply by building amazing strategies and allowing others in the community to use the same strategy. For even more ways to earn with Weave, our referral rewards program will also be launching soon.
If you’re new to crypto, then our Weave Academy is available for absolute beginners who want to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the incredible opportunities the cryptocurrency sector has to offer.
And all of this is supported by one of the most passionate and helpful communities you’ll find anywhere.

Why not join us and become a Weaver today? Join us at https://weave.financial today to get started.