Weave AMA – Powerful Yield Farming dApp {Full Launch Coming Soon….}

WEAVE is a next-generation yield farming platform that offers a smart contract builder, delivering an exciting new way for DeFi users to enhance, optimise and automate their farming like never before.

Much more than just an auto-compounder, WEAVE HUB brings all of DeFi together in one place, allowing our users to yield farm on a wide range of DEXs on multiple chains, with lending and borrowing and even bridging all being available for use within a single farming strategy. This provides our users with unprecedented amounts of control over their strategies saving them time and increasing yields at the same time.

Our WEAVE HUB community is divided into PRO users (experienced yield farmers) and PASSIVE users (those that are new to DeFi, or simply want someone else to build quality strategies for them). Pros have the opportunity to share their strategies with Passive users, earning a share of platform fees for doing so, making it ideal for institutions, influencers and experienced farmers alike.

Our protocol is also being launched as a SaaS product (Weave Tailored Solutions), giving other DeFi protocols and their users the ability to benefit from our farming automation and compounding tools right from their own dapp. This delivers a great deal of benefits to these protocols including increased customer loyalty, higher TVL, higher APRs, more use cases for their native token, and more revenue.