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Profit From The Fastest Growing Sector In The World!

The cryptocurrency sector is experiencing exponential growth right now, with billions of dollars of new money flowing into it. Individuals, institutions and even governments are all rushing toward this new technology. The sector is already worth $2 trillion dollars, and even pension funds are starting to allocate portions of their portfolio to cryptocurrency. It’s expected that the sector will soon be worth tens of trillions of dollars! Weave offers you a way to earn uncapped lifetime commissions simply by referring people to us and/or building great yield farming strategies with us.

Weave is an advanced yield farming protocol that provides users with ways to earn yield from their cryptocurrency. Everyone wants to earn high yields, and cryptocurrency offers your followers a great way to do that. Investors can choose their risk-reward appetite and put their funds into stable coin strategies that are lower risk and still earn 20-30% APR, or they could choose something a bit more exciting (but with more risk) that could easily yield 200-400% APY. Even better though, YOU can earn by introducing them!

This really is a win-win!

There are in fact several ways you can earn from the Weave platform

Earn up to 5% revenue share as a referral fee for the lifetime of your introductions!

Earn up to 50% of platform fees by building good strategies that people want to copy/follow.

(shared strategies will be available for everyone on our platform to follow with millions of dollars of funds waiting to be put into strategies!)

Hold and stake the Weave token.

(this will increase your earning power PLUS you can earn up to 70% APR!)

Yield farm with your own funds to compound your earnings.

The BEST Crypto Referral Program!

Weave offers the BEST referral program you could wish for. Anyone is able to participate, and you are paid commissions for the LIFETIME of your referrals. Doing a small amount of work could mean that you earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars for years to come!

Simply connect your wallet to our dApp and create your referral link HERE. Then, any earnings you make will be paid directly to this wallet each month – completely automated and forever!
(Remember to have the $Weave token as an added currency in your metamask wallet so you see your commissions coming in.)

Pro Strategy Revenue Share

Our platform operates by experienced yield farmers (Pros) creating great yield farming strategies and sharing them with the wider community (known as “Passive” users). This is somewhat similar to copy trading, except there’s no trading involved, and the amount we pay our Pro users is way higher than anything you’ll find in the traditional investment sector!

Simply by researching good farms, building great strategies and sharing them with the world it could earn you thousands of dollars per moonth in revenue share.
If you like the sound of this but don’t have much experience, our Weave Academy is there to help you learn so that you can be building your own strategies within just a few days.

AMA's with a member of the Weave team are now available!

Why not arrange an AMA for your audience so that we can showcase our powerful dapp and help you start earning?

White Label Service

Weave offers a white-label service to enable you to build strategies and embed them on your own website. This means that you can even keep your customers and audience on your own website.

For example, you can use our strategy builder to create 4 or 5 strategies and use an API or iframe to integrate them into your website. You will still get paid whenever someone deposits funds in the strategies on your website (they will just need to use metamask to connect to the dApp but it will still be via your website).

Increase Your Earnings

In order to participate in our earning programs, you need to hold a bit of the Weave token. The referral program requires you to hold $250 of Weave before you can start earning. However, you can stake your weave and earn even more simply by taking the yield from it and you can even compound it too! With staking rewards combined with the potential for the token to significantly increase in value, holding and staking Weave is another great way to earn with Weave. You can even increase the % of net platform fees you earn by holding more Weave. The tiers for earning work as follows:

Tier 1

$1,000 Weave tokens staked/LP


Tier 2

$2,000 Weave tokens staked/LP


Tier 3

$5,000 Weave tokens staked/LP


Tier 4

$10,000 Weave tokens staked/LP


Tier 5

$25,000 Weave tokens staked/LP


Most of our referral partners start with a smaller amount of Weave (tiers 1-3) and then increase their holding over time to keep moving up the tiers.

For sharing Pro strategies you also need to pay a small amount of Weave ($10 worth of $Weave) per month for each strategy you want to earn from. You also need to hold at least $250 worth of Weave in your wallet or in our staking pools in order to share more than 1 strategy.

In return, you will get access to our entire community and millions of dollars of funds that could potentially be following you. The more money that’s invested following your strategies the more you earn because you will be earning up to 50% of platform fees! This is a huge earning opportunity, unlike anything that exists not just in crypto but in the entire investment sector!

Here are the different earning tiers that you can achieve as you grow the amount of $ that follows you:

Tier 1

$0 to

30% fee share

Tier 2

$1,000,000 to

35% fee share

Tier 3

$10,000,000 to

45% fee share

Tier 4


50% fee share

REMEMBER: You also need to be holding at least $250 worth of weave to start earning AND you need a bit extra to cover the cost of sharing strategies.

You can earn from BOTH the referral program AND the Pro strategy revenue share, or focus on one or the other. It’s entirely up to you!

Earning Examples

Referral Program example

Let’s assume that you refer 20 people to Weave and they each invest $20,000 into strategies. A typical yield will be something around 30% APR. Therefore, the calculation for earning will be something like this:

$400,000 total invested x 30% APR = $120,000

8% of yield is taken as a gross platform fee = $9,600

Weave shares up to 50% with Pro users but more likely we will earn about 60% of this = $5,760 net

Based on 4% referral reward this results in a $230 payment as a recurring payment for as long as the money is held with Weave.

Scaling things up a bit, now let’s say you refer 400 people to us. We’ll also assume that people invest $30,000 on average (stablecoin strategies can easily achieve this level of investment).

$12,000,000 total invested x 30% APR = 3,600,000

8% Weave fee = $288,000

60% Weave earning (after Pro paid) = $172,800

4% = $6,912 recurring payment

You can see how growing a big referral base can quickly grow to a very big income. This is nothing, however, compared to what you could earn building and sharing Pro Strategies!

PRO Earnings Potential

Pro’s have the potential to earn as much from their strategies as Weave does. Everyone will start at 30% revenue share, and it will increase as the total amount invested into your strategies grows. Here are some earning examples:

Let’s assume that you build 1 strategy and that it has $100,000 following it from passive users.

$100,000 total invested x30% typical APR = $30,000

At this level you earn 30% of platform fees = $720 recurring

Now let’s assume that you have 4 strategies and that each one has $5,000,000 invested in them.

$20,000,000 total invested x 30% typical APR = $6,000,000

8% total Weave fee = $480,000

At this level, you make 45% of platform fees = $216,000 recurring
(If the strategies ran for 4 years it would be $864,000 of revenue from these 4 strategies!)

REMEMBER: With Pro strategies, you’re sharing them with the entire Weave community. You can invite your own followers to it, but even if you don’t have a big following, you may end up with millions of dollars following your strategies!

Start building your Weave empire today!!

What Are The Risks?

Earning yield is not the same as trading. Funds are being used to buy or sell positions in the market to scalp profits. Instead, they are held in staking or liquidity pools and they earn transaction fees and bonus rewards for helping to secure the ongoing success of the protocol for the token they hold.

Cryptocurrencies can be volatile (although stable coins are pegged to the USD) but anyone who has invested in forex or commodities will be used to taking risks on volatile assets. Unlike other assets though, yield farming provides the yield for providing liquidity or staking AND has the potential to grow in value. It, therefore, offers great ways to invest. Potential investors should be warned about the potential for losses, including the potential for impermanent loss.