Staking & Liquidity Pool Setup Guide – Earn High Yield With Weave

How to stake/withdraw your Weave LP?

Go to staking page and click Weave LP staking.

Input the amount you want to stake or click “Max” for everything in your wallet. Click “Stake”, then approve the transaction!! If you are interacting with this contract for the 1st time, you will need to approve of your spending first, then deposit. There will be two transaction needed in this scenario.

Stake your LP to get WEAVE as reward

Withdrawing LP

Make sure you are at Weave LP staking page, input the amount you want to withdraw then click “withdraw”.

How to provide liquidity pair(LP) in Pancakeswap(PCS)

You can also use “claim & pair” function if you are the Weave 2021 airdrop event user.

“Claim & pair” function will be available on 1st Week of January.

You can access to the liquidity pool page of WEAVE+BUSD in this link.

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WEAVE+BUSD Liquidity pool

You will need to “enable WEAVE” token first before adding liquidity. Once done, enter the quantity you want to deposit into liquidity pool. Confirm supply then approve the transaction.